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Mystery Bag o’ Yarn

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Mystery Bag o’ Yarn



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MYSBG-2 38 in stock 10 × 2 × 2 in 4 lbs . , .


Mystery Bag of Hand-Dyed Yarn: Spark Your Creativity!

Are you ready to embark on a journey of color and craftsmanship? Our Mystery Bag of Hand-Dyed Yarn is your ticket to an exciting world of artistic exploration. Each bag contains a single skein of luxurious yarn, lovingly hand-dyed to inspire your next masterpiece.

What sets this mystery bag apart is the element of surprise. Will you unwrap a skein adorned with variegated splendor, where colors dance and blend in intricate harmony? Or perhaps your skein will be tonal, offering subtle shifts in shade that add depth and sophistication to your projects. For those who love a touch of whimsy, it might even be speckled with playful bursts of color, adding a delightful flair to your creations.

The adventure doesn’t end with color alone—your mystery skein could be in fingering weight, perfect for delicate shawls and intricate lacework. Alternatively, it might be in DK weight, versatile enough for cozy accessories and stylish garments. If you crave warmth and substance, it could be in worsted weight, ideal for snuggly blankets and comforting wraps.

By choosing our Mystery Bag of Hand-Dyed Yarn, you’re not only enriching your craft stash but also helping us make room for new and exciting projects. Your support allows us to continue innovating and creating, ensuring that every skein is a testament to quality and creativity.

Embrace the thrill of the unknown, elevate your crafting experience, and unleash your imagination with our Mystery Bag of Hand-Dyed Yarn. Whether you’re a seasoned fiber artist or just starting out, this mystery awaits to inspire and delight. Get yours today and let the colors speak to your soul!

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in


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